"never wast a minute of your precious life
by squandering it thinking about people you dun like

Monday, November 29, 2010

it was meaningless

dlm hdp ni bnyk bnda yg nk kena aqu trima..wlaupon pahit ataup0n manis. sick to faces it!
and im tired to faces it! it was the same !! all bout LOVE.
sy x sgka..
sy x nk mcm tuh..
sy xbwt lg..
sy jnji..
sy nk awk jer..
sy hnye ade awk..
sy xda sape2 dah..
sy nk awk pcyakn sy..
'ilysm' <<-freaking word..
p/s: no second chance ok!!
datz all the word that gonna to faces..
it's same..
it was totally SUCK..
ok,Lets stop it.

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