"never wast a minute of your precious life
by squandering it thinking about people you dun like

Sunday, February 20, 2011

nothing to display.

current time :: BEL120
Yeah madam di dpn,sy berbloging d belakang!
da bukak braces da!
kena pkai retainer pulak!
x habes lg ker saket?
ini bukan gigi aku okey.sekian.

YES! sy syg die.

beday AWAK!
even awk xrep mcg sy,
sy xsalahkan awak pun.
juz wanna wish u beday!
jus beday only!
sowriy sbb terganggu hdp awk lg!
may Allah bless u always!

my faver n mishhh to eat ;)
cuppy cake
i really love it!

banana split perghh!!

baskin robbin

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